Solidbody guitars:
2015 Smitty Stratocaster
Parts Jazzmaster/Telecaster Hybryd (with Lollar & Duesenberg pickups)

1958 Guild A150 Archtop (With Elferink DeArmond style pickup)
2018 Heritage H530

Accoustic guitars:
1937 Kalamazoo KG14 Flattop
1940’s Kalamazoo KG31 Archtop
1990’s Jimmy Moon Model 0003 Flattop Jimmy Moon Website.
1989 Ricardo Sanchis Nylon/Classical
1999 Alhambra CTW-6P Nylon/Classical with Aer pickup

1920’s Bacon and Day Silverbell No 1 Tenor Banjo
1964 Vega Vegavox plectrum banjo

1970’s Musicman RD110
1974 Fender Princeton (used with 60’s Fender Bandmaster cabinet)
1990’s Fender Prosonic
Schertler David acoustic amp

Too many and changing constantly…

Solid body’s; GHS Boomers (011)
Jazzguitars; John Pearce and Thomastic (013) (Round Wounds)
Steelstrings; John Pearce/Thomastic/Elixer
Nylon; d’Addario High Tension
Banjo: Tried all kinds of strings, but it still sounds like a banjo