A Dutch Guitarplayer living in Amsterdam, Jeen Rabs has performed with a wide variety of artists, including The Holland Big Band, Dutch Swing College Band, Zandscape, Scott Hamilton, Deborah Carter, Shirma Rouse, Wayne Bergeron, Benny Bailey, Toots Thielemans and Lucien Barbarin.
Jeen composes for his own band and with Irish artist Stano. In 2017 he released his third cd (Catch my Kitsch) He got his master degree at the Royal Conservatory The Hague in 1999 and studied with David Gilmore in New York, Ricardo Silveira in Rio de Janeiro and Phillip Catherine in Brussels aswell. Jeen continues to perform internationally.

“His guitar work is superb – good blues player!” (Jim McIntosh Just Jazz Magazine)


  • 2021 Project – It’s Just Like Meeting Picasso (Louder Than War Records)
  • 2021 Stano – Life Streams Through (Loscann Records)
  • 2019 Stano-A Seagull that flew into another world (Loscann Records)
  • 2019 Zandscape with Deborah Carter (DOT Records) (Vinyl)
  • 2018 Stano-Dream Like Silence (Loscann Records) Info
  • 2017 Jeen Rabs-Catch my Kitsch
  • 2016 Stano-In Between Silence, where we really exist (Vinyl) (Loscann Records) Info
  • 2016 Zandzemble (Dot Time Records) Info
  • 2016 Oriental Jazzband Info
  • 2015 Mary Stokes-Mattie Won’t Write (EP)
  • 2015 Talking to my father (Doc.) (Looppline film) Order Here
  • 2014 Áine Duffy-With bells on (Eire Supply) Order Here
  • 2014 Stephanie Roth Quintet Order Here
  • 2014 Stano-Decoder (Loscann Records) Order Here
  • 2014 Zoot-Keep on Jumpin’ Order Here
  • 2013 Holland Big Band-Push Forward (Jazzshop records) Listen here
  • 2013 Stano-Unknown Distance (Loscann Records) Order Here
  • 2013 Lalouzz Listen here
  • 2011 Bernard Berkhout Swing Orchestra-Let’s Dance Listen here
  • 2011 Vivienne Aerts-Roofgarden
  • 2009 Zub-Keep on Smilin’ Spicy (Jazzshop records) Order Here
  • 2009 Holland Big Band-LIVE (Jazzshop records) Soon on Spotify
  • 2007 Nina Ebbenhout-When we kiss (O.A.P. records) Order Here
  • 2007 Holland Big Band – Happy House (Jazzshop records) Soon on Spotify
  • 2004 Jeen Rabs- Green Eggs Listen Here
  • 1999 Big Band of the Royal Conservatory

    Performed with (among others):
  • Bands; Highlight Jazz Orchestra, Bernard Berkhout Swingmates, Bernard Berkhout Swing Orchestra, Zoot, Holland Big Band, Dutch Swing College Band, Zandscape, Zandzemble, Senta a Pua, Laagland Theater, Opera Zuid.
  • Saxophoneplayers; Peter King, Ferdinand Povel, Scott Hamilton, Tineke Postema, Benjamin Herman.
  • Singers; Sandra Reemer, Antje Monteiro, Tony Neef, Paul Ambach (Boogie Boy) Erwin Bouterse, Louis Windzak, Lee Towers, Jeroen van der Boom, Fay Claassen, Simone Roerade, Donna Lynton,  Lilian Day Jackson, Pia Douwes, Denise Jannah, Ken Ard,  Lady Linn, Lils Mackintosh, Oscar Harris, Laura Fygi, Karin Bloemen, Babette van Veen, Izaline Calister, Edsilia Rombley, Greetje Kauffeld, Deborah Carter, Rebecca Parris, Edwin Rutten, David Dam, Shirma Rouse.
  • Trumpetplayers; Wayne Bergeron Eric Vloeimans, Benny Bailey, Ack van Rooyen, James Morrison, Roger Ingram, Eric Miyashiro, Lee Thornburg, Greg Bowen, Louis Dowdeswell, Thomas Gansch, Rik Mol.
  • Other; Toots Thielemans, Thijs van Leer, Jamal Thomas, Barry Harris, Rob Agerbeek, Lucien Barbarin, Buddy Wachter.

Performed in (among other places):

  • Brazil 2006/2016/2018
  • Ireland 2011/2013/2014/2016/2018
  • Thailand 2014/2016
  • Great Britain 2004/2012/2014/2015
  • Uganda 2013
  • Berlin 2012
  • New York 2003
  • Egypt 2002/2003
  • Ethiopia 2000

Educated by:

  • 2006 Rio de Janeiro-Ricardo Silveira, Nelson Faria, Luciana Rabello
  • 2003 New York -David Gilmore
  • 1996 Brussels-Phillipe Catherine
  • 1992-1998 Royal Conservatory The Hague; Peter Nieuwerf, Eef Albers, Tal Farlow, Frans Elsen, John Aebercrombie + Workshops with Dave Liebman, Joe Labarbara, Jamaaladeen Tacuma
  • 1980-1992 Classical and Jazzguitar with Remco de Haan, Peter van Elswijk and Winfred Buma

Taught at (among other places/organisations):

  • Rio Dejaneiro Federal University 2018 (Guest Teacher)
  • Samen Muziek since 2016
  • Muziekschool Amsterdam since 2013
  • Bangkok University 2013 (Guest Teacher)
  • Stichting Swing since 2010
  • Muziekschool New Wave Zandvoort 2009-2017
  • Muziekschool Hart Haarlem 2007-2014
  • Yarred Music School Ethiopia 2000 (Guest Teacher)