Catch my Kitsch

Zub was my previous project in which I played my own tunes. It can be best descrribed as Jazz music that leans strongly to Brazilian and Funk rhythms. In 2007 I record the first Zub cd for Jazzshop Records; “Keep on Smilling Spicy”  It is available through

Right now I am preparing my second cd wich will be called “Catch my Kitsch”.
Like in “Zub” I am not striving to display my guitar capacities, but to write melodies that stick in you mind and rhythms that make your hips “Rebolhar”. Allthough now there will be more focus on unconventional instrumentation.
At this moment I am finishing the compositions and rehearse the pieces with the musicians, wich are;
Gunnar Graafmans Vibes/Percussion
Rik Cornelissen Accordeon
Sven Schuster Bass
Daniel Van Dalen Drums

Keep an eye on the internary page because we play the new songs allready on a regualar basis.

Green Eggs

Reviews of Zub (click image to read);Recentie Keep on Smilin' Spicy

Green Eggs

Zub-Keep on Smilin's Spicy