2023 The Fours-Sweet & Sour
2022 Stano-In Between Silence, where we really exist (vol. 2) (Double Cd) (Loscann Records)
2021 Project – It’s Just Like Meeting Picasso (Louder Than War Records)
2021 Stano – Life Streams Through (Loscann Records)
2019 Stano-A Seagull that flew into another world (Loscann Records)
2019 Zandscape with Deborah Carter (DOT Records) (Vinyl)
2018 Stano-Dream Like Silence (Loscann Records)
2017 Jeen Rabs-Catch my Kitsch
2016 Stano-In Between Silence, where we really exist (Vinyl) (Loscann Records)
2016 Zandzemble (Dot Time Records)
2016 Oriental Jazzband
2015 Mary Stokes-Mattie Won’t Write (EP)
2015 Talking to my father (Doc.) (Looppline film)
2014 Áine Duffy-With bells on (Eire Supply)
2014 Stephanie Roth Quintet
2014 Stano-Decoder (Loscann Records)
2014 Zoot-Keep on Jumpin’
2013 Holland Big Band-Push Forward (Jazzshop records)
2013 Stano-Unknown Distance (Loscann Records)
2013 Lalouzz
2011 Bernard Berkhout Swing Orchestra-Let’s Dance
2011 Vivienne Aerts-Roofgarden
2009 Zub-Keep on Smilin’ Spicy (Jazzshop records)
2009 Holland Big Band-LIVE (Jazzshop records)
2007 Nina Ebbenhout-When we kiss (O.A.P. records)
2007 Holland Big Band – Happy House (Jazzshop records)
2004 Jeen Rabs- Green Eggs
1999 Big Band of the Royal Conservatory